What Services Does Corax FM Offer?


Corax FM can offer you fixed fee self-assessment (SA100) tax returns. HMRC will tell you if you need to file a self-assessment (SA100). You will need to file a self-assessment if you have any income that is not taxed PAYE. This could be from your own business, a side-gig, or if you are a company director.

Send us an email or complete our simple online form and we can start looking at your self-assessment.

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Company Accounts

If you are a director, you will have to submit a self-assessment (SA100) and a corporation tax return (SA600) to HMRC. And you will have to file your accounts with Companies House. Corax FM can take care of all of this as in a single fixed fee package. Completing your accounts doesn't have to be complex.

Corax FM can also process payroll if you employ staff or file your VAT returns if you are VAT registered. These are done for a fixed fee, so that there are no surprises.


Do you want to get more out of your business? Are you not sure where to improve performance?

Corax FM offers a Virtual Finance Director service. We will discuss what you think that you are missing from the business and will set up reporting to give you the information you need.

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