Why should you choose Corax FM as your accountants?

Fixed Fees

How many times gave you been hit with an unexpected bill from your accountants? How much have you been charged for replying to an email?

With our fixed fees, you know what your accountancy bill is going to be. No more unexpected bills or minor charges. Any charges outside of the fixed fees are communicated and agreed properly beforehand.

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A person holiding a clipboard, looking at a curvy line graph with percentage signs. Also there is a doughnut chart on the floor.

Account Management

How many times have you had a query, only to be told that you need to speak to the tax guy, or to speak to the payroll department?

With Corax FM, you will get a dedicated account manager. No more internal referrals, or having to speak to different people. All of your queries can be answered by your account manager.

Proactive Accounts

Do your accounts seem backwards to you? Do your accounts tell you what you already know, too long after the event?

At Corax FM we deliver meaningful and timely insights into your business, so that you can make the best decisions.

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