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Adventures in the Fediverse

Announcing CoraxFM Mastodon Server


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Personal Accounting

Thoughts on Personal Accounting

Exchange Rates in Netsuite

How do foreign currency translations work in Netsuite

Take Your Accounts Offline

Take your accounts out of the cloud and back onto your own computer

Accounting Software's Missing Killer Feature

Millions of businesses miss this killer feature from their accounting software

Convert Xero Journals for Netsuite and Dynamics

Convert historical Xero journals for use in Netsuite or Dynamics

Export Your Xero Transactions to Use in any ERP

Moving to an ERP? Here's how to export your Xero balances.

Bookkeeping for Energy Usage

How to show your enegy usage with bookkeeping

Why do you need a Virtual Finance Director?

Why you need a Virtual Finance Director

Accounting Database Design

Database choices in accounting software

The Goal

The Goal; Goldratt (1984)

Python Basics

Basic Python concepts


Your guide to automation in accounting

Migrating from Sage to Netsuite

One customers journey from Sage50 to Netsuite

Migrating Accounting Systems

What is the process for migrating accounting systems?


Gnucash - Personal Finance Software